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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Who to subscribe: Makeup artist and ambassador NARS Andrew Gallimore

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British make-up artist Andrew Gallimore is an important figure for the world of "high" make-up: he repeatedly worked with leading fashion publications and at fashion weeks, where he always gave memorable pieces. Today, he represents NARS, a brand better known for its elegant, sophisticated and adult images of its ambassadors, which does not prevent Gallimor from being an experimenter and practically punk.

The makeup artist is valued not only for the technique (he was one of the first to show examples of carefully created make-ups with radiant skin), but rather for the ability to approach any task outside the box. He printed out details for a make-up on a 3D printer, preferred lipstick and tone to fabrics and make-up, and at other times preferred a simple but masterly accent to a complex and unique composition. It is difficult to expect anything specific from a makeup artist: over the years spent in the profession, he has developed an extremely free style in which he almost never repeats himself, so it is very, very difficult to break away from his instagram. We recommend professionals to find in the open spaces of the Network a book of his works with the legendary photographer Rankin - one of the best albums with which you can clearly demonstrate what the art of makeup is capable of.

Watch the video: NARS Appoints Andrew Gallimore As UK Artist Ambassador (January 2020).


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