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Editor'S Choice - 2020

SNC fashion editor Nastya Klychkova about favorite outfits

FOR RUBBER "WARDROBE"we take pictures of beautiful, original or strangely dressed people in their favorite things and ask them to tell stories related to them. This week, our heroine is SNC fashion editor Nastya Klychkova.

I was born in Tolyatti and grew up with boys in the yard: the guys were older than me - fashionable beauties who wore tracksuits, sweaters, sneakers. It probably influenced my style. The parents worked at the plant, and there wasn’t much money, but my mother always somehow got out. We bought things on the market under the name “Kolkhoz”: the main thing was to bargain from 700 to 350 rubles for jeans, because there was no more.

So, at me at the first at school jeans with the low waist appeared - mum took them to me. A year ago, having bought a sewing machine, I decided that I could also be a cool designer, and even came up with a few things. True, now she is gathering dust without work. My older sister was very fashionable, and I always stole her disco stuff. I remember her long-sleeved mesh sweater - she was like a dress to me. I watched MTV and copied something from there. I had no Internet for a long time, and when a computer appeared, all I could download were reports for the institute.

At twenty, I left for America and lived there for a year. After Tolyatti, I seemed to be in a different world - I saw how other people look and how shops are arranged. When I moved to Moscow, I couldn’t afford anything at all and wore what I brought from the States. It is ridiculous to remember: I had one pair of sneakers from my shoes.

Now I mainly order things on the Internet and buy them at flea markets. But I hate to go shopping, and therefore almost all purchases occur by chance. I'm not a log man. It does not matter how much a thing costs, a hundred rubles or a hundred thousand. Clothing is zilch. The main thing is charisma.

Hoodie friend, ASOS pants, vintage shoes, Louis Vuitton chain, Prada glasses

She bought shoes about five years ago in China Town in second-hand in the alleys. Went by chance and took their rubles for two hundred. At first, I didn’t know why I needed them, but now Marc Jacobs made a collection with such shoes on the platform, and I understood that their finest hour had come. I wear either with these trousers or with a short dress, only rarely - they are very heavy.

The pants are very warm, wool, I wear them in the fall. I first gave the glasses to my mother, but then my mother returned them to me - she said that they gave me more.

Sweater and Sandals - Sportmax

The sweater is very warm and cozy, but I rarely wear it. I am clumsy in him and I look like everything around my sleeves. And still vypinki are strewing from it.

H & M dress, Gucci bag, AGL boots

My friend gave me a bag - I really wanted it. I am going to wear it always and everywhere; maybe even going to sleep with her.

Levi's jacket, Versace pants, Vetements sneakers, Dad's watch, MM6 Maison Margiela bracelet, Versace rings

I love large Versace jewelry. I bought a T-shirt in Paris - my life motto was written on it. Sneakers gave a friend - she, too, such. It's funny that they tried to outbid them several times on my street. And these pants are one of my favorites: when I wear them, I always collect a lot of compliments.

Kenzo x H & M Sheepskin Coat, Pretty Poison T-shirt, Topshop Unique Jeans, Premiata Boots, Volchok Scarf

Scarf gave me Vasya Volchok. I went to Milan Fashion Week, and everyone asked what it was. Jeans are my favorite.

Topshop Unique Dress, Diesel Cossacks, Louis Vuitton Bag

This dress has a strange collar, so I pinch it with a clip that I always have in case of an unexpected shoot. It looks cool and looks like a brooch. Cossacks broke on the second day after the purchase. At first I thought to glue, and then I decided that the scars only decorate.

Mango dress, Vetements sneakers, Coccinelle bag

I bought this dress in two copies: myself and my friend, who gave me sneakers.

Longsleeve 032s, vintage belt and shorts, Vans sneakers, Mr. socks Wolee

That's how I usually look. Longsleeve bought in Colette, and a belt and shorts on a Balinese flea market near my favorite bar Pretty Poison. Socks gave me a friend Andrew - this is his streetwear brand. "Vance" I wear without shoelaces: somehow I fell off the bike, after which I had my leg stitched together and was unable to wear anything except the unlined shoe. Now I put on only this way - comfortably, as in slippers.

Wood Wood Cape, Max Mara Top, Tattosweaters Bra, Gucci Mules, Louis Vuitton Backpack

This trench we wear with a friend in turn. And my cat always hunts for mule - you have to hide it.

Coat Vivienne Westwood, turtleneck H & M Studio, Cossacks Mango

Cossacks wear with everything - even with sports pants. Love them. I feel "dangerous" in them, especially if I simultaneously listen to Gesaffelstein.

Sweatshirt Wolee

Favorite sweatshirt - they have a lot of cool stuff on the site.

Aromas of Chanel N ° 5 and Chanel Misia

Like many, as a child I didn’t like Chanel No. 5, but now I just love it. I like miksovat it with the oriental aroma "Karma" from Lush.

Rings from different countries

Versus Bracelet


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