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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Russian brand 55: Minimalistic rings and earrings

IN RUBRIC "NEW MARK" we present young designers and tell them where and why to buy their things. Our heroine this week is Vera Chernyavskaya, responsible for the jewelry brand. 55

In Russia, more and more brands of jewelry appear, but the worthy ones can still be counted on fingers. One of these - 55, created by Vera Chernyavskaya. Before establishing her own brand, Chernyavskaya already worked in the fashion industry and promoted another young jewelry brand. Turning from fantasy to real business, this spring, Vera came up with 55: "Certainly, the" jewelry "experience from the past helped to realize that it was necessary not to be afraid, but to take and do." At the beginning of this summer, Chernyavskaya prepared all the sketches of the future collection at once. The decorations, as conceived by their author, turned out to be timeless: they look relevant today and will be appropriate when the hostess decides to pass them on.

The main material 55 is gold (three types are pink, yellow and black), but for now some models can be ordered in silver. All the people involved in the work are working on an outsourcing: depending on the tasks, five to seven people are involved, including a 3D designer, who helps to revive the sketches from a notebook. You can buy jewelery by contacting Vera via brand instagram, but soon a website will appear with the option of pre-order.

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