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What to wear with sports things: 8 fashionable looks for every day

The presence of things in sporty style in everyday wardrobe Today, few are surprised. However, designers go further and demonstrate in their collections a real “gop-style for all”. Tracksuits, shorts with elastic bands, olympic shirts and baggy hoods are now - symbols that have lost their primary wash, a sign of good, not bad taste, a fashionable image, not a uniform for yard meetings. If you are not ready to dress up like that from head to toe (as in the Outlaw Moscow lookbook), we advise you how to adapt sports items for everyday wear.

Bomber Jacket + Combination Dress

Bomber is the most profitable investment of the summer: this is the thing that you will wear nine months a year (and not one year). Despite the fact that the bomber jacket came into vogue from aviation, and then from the wardrobe of skinheads and football fans, today it is cleared of similar connotations and safely combined with anything up to evening dresses. In everyday life drapery and train are not very practical, but the dress of the simplest cut of unusual material (for example, velvet) is a very versatile option. This combination is ideally suited for a flat sole or low heel.

Polo + tennis skirt

From the court to the streets of the city, this combination has been transferred for a long time and today nobody is surprised. At the same time, it is great for an active summer period and looks best with sneakers (although no one forbids loafers without a backdrop). So that the image does not look too sporty, choose polo with interesting colors and complement the image with more "down-to-earth" accessories. For example, if you take a backpack with you, let it be leather and your bag small and bright.

Pants with stripes + jacket

Despite the fact that stripes were once worn by the military, today they are much more associated with shorts, in particular, thanks to the famous three stripes. Therefore, designers add a bright detail to the pants of a sporty cut: depending on the material, they are combined with both familiar sneakers and high heels. From above you can wear a jacket - a classic and a naked body - or a jacket with a top or blouse.

Hoodie + Pleated Skirt

The contrasting combination that breaks the stereotyped notions of "feminine" and "unfeminine", designers have been actively demonstrating in their collections for more than one season. It is great for a cool summer and is sure to move in the autumn-winter season with a bonus in the form of a coat. With or without a hood, hoodie should be long so as not to create unnecessary reliefs in combination with a skirt at a high waist. For socks with a heel, choose sweatshirts - not so baggy and already familiar.

Olimpik + wide trousers

Thanks to the 70s fashion that had returned several seasons ago (more precisely, variations on her theme), wide trousers still remain in the top of trends. In combination with the Olympiika, rely on interesting prints or texture. These shoes fit and flat shoes, and heels - it all depends on your own preferences, and on how much time you plan to spend on your feet.

Sports bra + flying skirt

Light and flying silhouettes are the same season's masters, just like elements of a sporty style, so there is nothing better than to combine them in one image. Sports bras, which can be purchased even in a specialty store, are best combined with midi length skirts made from flying fabrics, playing on contrasts. More spectacular image will look with options for delicate colors.

Tracksuit + long coat

With the popularity of the “new Russian gop-style,” the tracksuit has ceased to be a subject of marginal or purely sporting - so that it is more appropriate to wear it to parties than, for example, to fly. We have collected an image, ideal for the end of summer and warm autumn in the city. Choose bright colors for the suit and muffled for the coat - so you can easily wear them separately and avoid the "all and at once" effect. You can wear both with sneakers and popular now loafers without heels.

Sport shorts + sweatshirt

Sports shorts, no matter how they send associations to the Soviet past, as well as other attributes of training today, is a trend that can be safely applied to citizens. This is another option for early autumn or late summer (in combination with a thin sweater). To balance the hemline, put on massive shoes. Complete the image with a comfortable backpack and go to the street or to the park.

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