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Editor'S Choice - 2020

DOMUS academy at the AFW master class

In the framework of the Italian AFW program with the support of the Peroni Nastro Azzurro brand, the master classes students learned more about the fashion system in Italy at first hand and from the first persons of this very fashion!

Damiano Antonatstsi - Director for the Development of the Academy of Arts DOMUS ACADEMY in Central and Eastern Europe. On May 28, as part of Aurora Fashion Week, he gave a lecture on the fashion system in Italy. Damiano knows what he is talking about - his DOMUS ACADEMY is on the list of the best international design schools, Ferre and Philippe Starck taught there, and students regularly participate and win in international competitions ITS, Next Generation / Milan Fashion Week, Vogue Talents, Who's on Next and Red Dot Award. In addition, he is fluent in Russian.

Barbara Trebich, a colleague and compatriot, continued her work as a stylist, independent fashion consultant, head of DOMUS Fashion Design and Accessories Design. She spoke in detail about the stages of the formation of fashion collections. Many listeners recorded.


In the evening of this day, the official closing of workshop FASHION & WEB was held with the award ceremony from the Academy DOMUS - 2 certificates for summer training in Milan. The prizes were handed personally by Damiano and Barbara, as well as by the design duet Frankie Morello!


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