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Editor'S Choice - 2020

McDonald's invented the plug of french fries

McDonald's presented a startlingly absurd invention to the launch of the “Frork” fork, which is assembled from a plastic handle and three sticks of French fries. “Innovative product”, for the sake of which a whole website was launched, will help to collect from the plate (or directly from the table) everything that fell out of the burger while you were eating it: “frill” will save the rest of the sauce, pieces of bacon or mushrooms.

To bring the joke to the end, McDonald's even filmed a "store on the couch" advertising video, inviting Anthony Sullivan as the leading telemarketer.

For those who do not understand how to use the miracle fork, draw an instruction:

Unfortunately, the distribution of "frills" will be only in the United States, but no one bothers you to make such a vital device yourself.


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