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Editor'S Choice - 2020

"Miss Yekaterinburg" Anna Lesun about cosmetics and introspection

FOR THE FACE "HEAD" we study the contents of beauty cases, dressing tables and cosmetic bags of girls of interest to us - and show all this to you.

Attitude to cosmetics

Like many, probably women, my relationship with cosmetics began in early childhood: my mother's red lipstick smelled incredible, but the taste was much worse. At 10 years old, I already felt old enough to smear my lips bright pink for my birthday. That my passion for bright makeup in everyday life and limited. I began to be beautiful every day when I came to the first beauty contest in 2009. They also told me about the basics of the basics: how to apply tone and blush, choose a face cream and why it is important to have your own mascara and not share it with anyone (for hygiene reasons).

About decorative cosmetics

Now I have enough shots and events in my life to satisfy my need to be the most beautiful and intelligent in the world. At work, I do makeup artists and hair stylists, so I look really good, but when I try to create something at home, I don’t always like the result.

I use foundation, rouge, mascara and highlighter. Very rarely in the mood can I make up my lips with scarlet lipstick. If you overload the face with decorative cosmetics, it looks older; the camera "eats" part of the make-up, but in life I prefer to look fresh and young. I was lucky that thanks to the work I have the opportunity to change images frequently, otherwise I would have to experiment more on my own.

About care

Care is the most important thing. I constantly moisturize my skin, apply creams and lotions (I try to ensure that they do not contain alcohol and paraffin). Although, of course, no creams will replace your proper nutrition and sport - all health and all beauty come from within. I do not drink sparkling water, do not eat mayonnaise and yeast bread, refused meat and poultry for a long time, try to eat less sweet (although I always admit that if I want to dissolve chocolate in coca-cola and pour over whipped cream on top, then I I will do - peace of mind and happiness is more precious to me than any principles of nutrition).

I love it when it smells good around me and around me. At the same beauty contests, I discovered an amazing thing: even the most airy and tender representatives of the fair sex can stink a hundred meters around them. Therefore, I always follow the purity of my body, use deodorants and natural oils. A drop of tea tree essence behind my ears - and I feel more confident than anyone.

About introspection

Taking care of yourself for me means not only caring for your body. I tend to constantly analyze what is happening with me. I am very lucky, I have a mentor; she taught me a lot and teaches so far, even though we meet very rarely. A year and a half of regular classes with a psychoanalyst helped me to know myself and grow into an adult, self-sufficient person. Three years ago, I learned about the practice called "The Way of the Artist" (by Julia Cameron). This is a course of assignments for 12 weeks. One of the tasks is to write daily "morning pages": three pages from the hand of everything in the head. "The path of the artist" I have already passed, but the habit of keeping a diary has remained. So I understand what is in my heart, what is in my head, and I deal with my life. Clean head is sometimes more important than clean body. It is important to love yourself, the world around you, be kind to others and yourself, and just be happy every day.

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