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FITMOST PR Director Natalya Dudina about stretch marks and favorite cosmetics

For category "Cosmetic"we study the contents of beauty cases, dressing tables and cosmetic bags of interesting characters to us - and we show all this to you.

About makeup and care

I train a lot, so I choose simple care. My cosmetics, among other things, should be easily washed off: when you come to class, you need to remove makeup quickly, there is no time for two-stage cleansing with hydrophilic oil. There was a period when I decided that if I didn’t dye it, I should at least focus on the eyebrows. For a while I let them down every morning, singled out concealer, but then I came to the conclusion that it was more comfortable for me without makeup. It coincided with the moment when I found my care. Now every day I have enough tonal framework and mascara on the eyelashes. I paint brightly only in mood or at events when I want to shine and feel confident.

About losing weight

All my childhood I was a complete child, in my family I did not practice "advanced" eating habits. At sixteen, I weighed more than a standard teenage girl and for some reason decided that I needed to lose weight. At first I did not eat after two, but after three days I realized that this method would not work with me. Then I went to the gym, started to engage in group classes, read about "proper" nutrition - I remember, I drew a table with what I "can" and what I "cannot." I seriously lost weight - but exactly then the problems started: I realized that I could not stop. The desire to reset has not yet disappeared, regardless of the numbers on the scales. I limited my diet to a very simple meal, there were days of breakdowns - now I understand that it was unhealthy eating behavior.

This is familiar to many of my friends. I work in the field of sports, we often meet with girls who have had serious illnesses: anorexia, bulimia. Constant clashes with those who also need help, could not but leave an imprint on my reflections on appearance. There are a lot of people who do not like their body - besides, they look beautiful to me from the outside. I realized that it is important to focus only on the deepest sensations - neither the way we perceive our reflection, nor the opinion of another person, nor even the photo is objective.

About stretch marks

When you quickly lose weight, you begin to pay attention to the stretch marks that appeared before. I am pleased with the body-positive course of taking them as a normal part of the body. In addition, the type and properties of stretch marks for all are individual: someone can neutralize them, with someone they remain forever. I do not think that the presence of stretch marks should affect the quality of life - the skin changes over time, like the whole body.

However, if desired, the skin can be treated so as to minimize the effects of sudden changes. First of all, you need good hydration and nutrition - especially if the weight goes away quickly. Massage, home or at the master, helps speed up blood circulation and make the skin elastic. I especially like body oils: I apply the product onto the skin that is still wet, and then I rub the remnants with a towel.

About sport

Sport helps to feel new. Running frees your head, interval training makes you feel strong, on yoga you can pull every muscle and become flexible. Three or four months of running made me calmer - this is an opportunity to put the phone off for an hour and not think about anything. When I went for a run in the mornings on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, the oncoming runners constantly waved to me, welcoming, - probably, this is a marathon habit.

During this summer, I fell in love with morning classes - workouts that begin at seven in the morning. Usually it is hard for me to get up, but I decided to try this mode while it is warm. In the morning trainings there are a lot of advantages: there is almost no one on the street when you go to the gym, and after that you feel very cheerful. The great thing is that morning workout frees you from the evening session - the latter often fail because I work a lot and stay late in the office. In addition, morning workouts form the regime: yes, it was difficult to get up, but only the first two weeks. And there are really a lot of people on them!

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