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Editor'S Choice - 2020


Look At Media publications, in conjunction with adidas Originals, explore scenarios of popularity in four industries - fashion, film, music and science, as well as talk with people who, despite the laws of the genre, have chosen a unique path and reached their goal. Having dealt with how many people act and how few do, we will find out what the Superstar really does, if not glory, not money, and not professional recognition.

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Joint adidas Originals special project and all four editions of Look At Media is a series of interviews with real superstar, who think without frames and act without looking. Their popularity is not the sum of the components of show business, but a consequence of charisma and courage to do what they want. Each of them has their own opinion about who the real superstar is, but from all the answers to this question there is a portrait of the main character of modern urban culture.

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